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end users and implementors to instrument and assess both private and public clouds against industry established best practices, standards 

to judge or decide the amount, value, quality, or importance of something: 2. to judge or…. Learn more. assess. ( əˈsɛs) vb ( tr) 1. to judge the worth, importance, etc, of; evaluate. 2.

Assess against

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RELATED ( 20 ) examined against. measured against. estimated against. addressed against. analysed against.

Your full set of options to assess the AppSource certification here, to run the AppSource Certification Ruleset against your solution(s).

shelter ( from )  To set up , upprätta , uppstålla , m . ; se to Assess .

Assess against

ming as a nutrient reduction measure in the brackish water Baltic Sea, and concluded what criteria to evaluate blue mussel farming as a measure against eut-.

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Assess against

Materials  COMMAND: The name of the command you want to run against the middleware. Valid values are collect , assess , report , and run . them for impact assessment purposes. For copying in any other VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS 5. This particular client explained that when they had a project that was out of their usual region it could be difficult to properly assess utilisation  Combining expertise spanning decades, the award-winning software solutions are designed to enable educators and other users to assess the  interventions. The report can be used as a knowledge base on how interventions against stigma AMSTAR A Measurement Tool to Assess Systematic Reviews. Roadmap and Assessments.
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Assess against

Bruno Tilocca, Alessio Soggiu,  Sammanfattning: Public interventions against intimate partner violence (IPV) may be essential for the prevention of the problem.

to assess a patient’s needs; It's difficult to assess the effects of these changes. Interviews allow you to assess the suitability of candidates. She engaged a safety consultant to assess the risks.
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av LY Wang · 2012 · Citerat av 5 — spp. root rot in conifer trees and assessment of stump treatment against infection in order to economically assess control measures.

to protect ( from , against ) , to assessment , taxing . shelter ( from )  To set up , upprätta , uppstålla , m .

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The strength of specific muscle groups is tested against resistance, and one side of the body is compared with the other. However, pain may preclude a full effort during strength testing. With hysterical or factitious weakness, resistance to movement may be initially normal, followed by a sudden giving way, or patients may not use supporting muscles appropriately.

Assess them when they’re not expecting it. When interpersonal and genuine customer service skills are essential, you must be aware that most act differently during interviews.