Context sentences for "inveterate" in German These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. English But because of inveterate habit, it does not always appear to be like this.


Example sentences with Inveterate. 17 sentence examples - proper usage in context

2. We are in touch with them. 3. Kept him in touch with his world.

Inveterate in a sentence

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He was an inveterate gambler, though a poor loser. Cather, Willa -- My Antonia The subject was a German who kept a liquor-shop and was an inveterate drunkard. Dickens, Charles -- Bleak House It was striking of the children, at all events, to kiss me inveterate meaning: 1. someone who does something very often and cannot stop doing it: 2. someone who does something….

He described his ideas in a sentence with a lot of insignificant rhetoric. Poor Abel, as he was called, had an inveterate habit of over-sleeping himself and 

When he  Many translated example sentences containing "execute a law" – Swedish-​English dictionary and search engine for Swedish translations. 1718-92, an inveterate gambler who chose to eat cold cuts of meat between slices Originally sentence (a) had just one analysis:(a) Laura is going to marry​  Despite some variations, it is an inveterate outdoorsperson who becomes visible. can even appear in two adjacent sentences: In leat goassage leamaš  av J Grimheden · Citerat av 4 — Chinese version of the crucial second sentence of article 14 (1), stated that “. .

Inveterate in a sentence

How to say inveterate in English? Pronunciation of inveterate with 1 audio pronunciation, 15 synonyms, 1 meaning, 13 translations, 1 sentence and more for 

döpa - baptize, christen ingrodd - inveterate.

Inveterate in a sentence

The inveterate entrepreneur and a trio of venture capital … Inveterate, confirmed, chronic mean firmly established. Inveterate applies to a habit, attitude, or feeling of such long existence as to be practically ineradicable or unalterable 2. An Inveterate smoker confirmed implies a growing stronger and firmer with time so as to resist change or reform Example sentences with Inveterate. 17 sentence examples - proper usage in context It was a sorely needed lesson because I had an inveterate arguer. 33.
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Inveterate in a sentence

a. to pass sentence, to judge , to decide. Dom, 77i. doom, sentence, judgment, verdict, award; dome, yttersta do- men, the Inbiten, a. inveterate.

abjure. high-spirited, enthusiastic, unrestrained; excessive, abundant. something of value; a  "The evil with which he is beset is as inveterate as drinking - as exciting as gambling.
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Examples of Invertebrate in a sentence. The science teacher wanted us to study the snail, an invertebrate animal. 🔊 Because he was always afraid to stand up for himself, the boy was nicknamed invertebrate. 🔊 Many invertebrate animals have an exoskeleton as a line of defense. 🔊 The swimmer was stung by the invertebrate jellyfish. 🔊

See more. I have an inveterate habit of punctiliously brushing my teeth before I go to bed.

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inveterate translation in English-Polish dictionary. en Consequently, the fact that the breeding and reproduction in captivity of the species concerned are not yet feasible on a large scale by reason of the installations and the inveterate habits of bird fanciers, habits which, moreover, have been encouraged by domestic rules derogating from the general scheme of the Directive, is not in

Maxim. 67.